Arts and crafts

Culture is not limited by historically important structures, that necessarily belongs to people. Spiritual values wich have passed through centuries are true wealth. Any Khazakhstan trip leaves in mind aspects of cultural well-being describing this peoples. Due to fact those chronical times, within Kazakstan territory there were manufactured leather-based, sometimes wooden items, small stone, split bone things, in addition to pottery, tableware made off clay. Further, it changed into well developed regions which includes leather processings, also stamping on them, coinage, forged in bronze, tin.Speaking about Kazahstan’s artwork, now without mentioning carpet weaving – an historical age-old craft of all Kazaks. Past numerous years, immemorial partitions amid many homes at present time decorated with conventional home produced floor-covering – syrmaki, thet came manufectured from increase-being mowed (straw), correspondingly dyed sheep wool. Kazakhs, as a substitute hospitable humans, so according to their yurts tradition (transportable roofed houses), owners treat favorite guests serving Kazakh country wide dishes upon unfolded dastarkhan.