How many of us are those who love cars. A huge percentage. This is comfort, an indicator of success. And as a true connoisseur of cars, an avid traveler is simply obliged to include in his tour of Uzbekistan a visit to the Polytechnic Museum.

By the way, for fans of archeological tours in Uzbekistan, the visit will be beneficial, because here the history of cars is not only in Uzbekistan, but all over the world. Here you can see with your own eyes the real representatives of the era of automotive industry. Moskvich 400, Seagull, Volkswagen beetle and others.

Coming to the museum, you immediately plunge into the world of memories. Remember, if you knew when the first trams appeared. You will learn how the era of cars began. And again you will find yourself on the popular street of Tashkent, only many years ago.

Here, not only cars for movement around the city, but also the technology of agriculture from antiquity to modernity. You will be able to see the very first Fordzon tractors of 1924, and the Universal is ten years younger than him.

You can find out about the enterprises of Uzbekistan, and even see cars with the autograph of the first president of the country.

Well, if you get bored, then on the second floor you can and try all the curious laws of physics on yourself. To do this, the upper floor of the museum will help you, where various levers, installations and devices are located. Also, here you can experiment with visual deception. In a special room, where you can become a giant or crumb, at will. And your children will enjoy watching the robots dance. After that, they will run to a special children’s playground, which is created not only to distract, but also to teach something. You can simply visit the first floor for 5000, or experience all the laws of physics on the second, for fifteen. In any case, the miracle-museum is waiting for you near the chiming clock, in the street of Amir Temur, in the building of Uzavtosanoat.

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