When you take Uzbekistan tour, be sure to visit Chorvak. This mountain lake-reservoir is perfect at any time of year and, undoubtedly day. At dawn, Charvac represents fascinating sight, revealing all its splendor. In evening, at sunset, there’s a unique opportunity to admire the sun coming beyond mountaintops. Mountains surrounding Chervak beckon with their natural beauty, magnificent landscapes, mysterious gorges, huge boulders, mountain-saias with cool aqua, crampins, fabulous waterfalls. Beautiful mount air, clear water, comfortable beaches, stunning views of Chorvac, incredibly framing its mountains-peaks, paragliding flights including riding trips, windsurfing, mountain-ridge routes of any complexity, likewise length. It all depends on your desire and certainly chosen trip. There are several holiday houses and sanatoriums around Charvek. Anyone can also select country repose.