Water-entertaining complex “Sun City”

In Tashkent, there is a water-entertainment complex “Sun City” in Sergeli area. It named because every day spent here, full of warm and sunny mood. Sprawling green areas with established under the shade of sprawling branches trestle beds, flowing fountains with marble crashing on iridescent drops, and, of course, swimming pools – with slides, clean, cool water.
The main pride of the complex is the Hellas Pool-Ocean – the largest and deepest. However, it encouraged visitors not only in size – almost daily held here exciting activities, the winners of which are awarded prizes. TRITON, Amphitrite – in these competitions played out a prize pool of one million soums. Can you sing? Then you will certainly become a member of the competition “Star Called Sun”. The winner will receive not only the heavenly calling, but also one of the wonderful prizes, the general fund of which is 14 million soums.
About a rich evening program can speak endlessly – here you can see firsthand the legendary show “City” from Elena Starostin and plunge into the world of dancers from around the world, which imbued with Indian melodies and you can endlessly admire the grace of oriental dancers.
In the “Sun City” will not be bored, and the smallest guests – the staff made sure that every day children were expecting a bright and interesting events and unforgettable surprises. This educational prizes from the shop “Playmobil”, and unique drawings on children’s faces from “Body Art Tashkent”.
Who says a family vacation is boring? You just were not in the Sun City. Having been here, one can see forever – the best place for friends, families, children, newlyweds just do not find!