Teahouse “Fried fish”

“Fried fish” is a classical teahouse located under branched trees not far from the bank of the well-known Sirdarya river. It is noteworthy that this corner of tasty food and leisure is located just across the ruins Akhsikent settlement. After the interesting walking along this archeological kingdom it will be great pleasure to spend an hour or so at this cozy cafeteria where you can not only eat delicious dishes and aromatic tea but also enjoy a cool breeze from the river.


The teahouse interior doesn’t have excessive luxurious designing components- the main thing here is the orientation here is given to the traditional national color in the dishes and having a good feast. If you want to go to a real teahouse with no special decorations, then you are welcome to the teahouse “fried fish”.


Like in any teahouse you are offered to try the dishes of the national cuisine: pilaf, dumplings, shish kebab. But the main feature of the menu, as you have already noticed from its name, is fish. In the yard of the teahouse there is a big reservoir-pond with several types of fish. Thanks to this, the dishes from fish are always fresh. Before the eyes of the visitors they catch the fish and then prepare dishes according to the wish of the guest of the teahouse. The most popular type of dish is the fried fish.


Lunch at this teahouse with a cozy atmosphere will cost you only 3-4 US dollars and its proximity to the ruins gives you exciting and bright chats at the table.