Caravansarai “Nogay”- the best wines in Bukhara

One of the most popular things many guests visiting the city of Bukhara do, of course, is to taste the world famous Uzbek wines. Every day for nine hours (from 10.00 to 19.00), Caravanserai “Nogay”, located near the First Dome warmly opens its doors to visitors. Only here you can taste the most exquisite varieties of white and red wines, and not only try, but also become the proud owner of this noble beverage by choosing collectible bottles, dating back to different periods of time.


In the Caravanserai guests are met by the specially trained staff, who are happy to tell you about each brand wine to be tasted, on which slopes under the hot rays of the sun red or white grapes flooded with ripeness, what kind of name each variety of wine bears, even in whose honor the grape was invented and cultivated.


Here one can learn the secret of wine production, from the earliest stages and ending with his taste.


There is a definite opinion that it is impossible to try several wines at a time. The taste of each subsequent will suffer from the previous one. And the staff of Caravanserai is eager to share this secret with visitors. Here guests learn how to taste the drink in order to feel the charm of each sample tasted in the finest detail. Both ordinary visitors and tour groups, for whom a private tour of tasting of this solar drink can be organized, can enjoy the best Uzbek wines. The cost of tastings starts from 8 dollars per person and the cost of the purchased beverage depends on the brand, variety and duration of exposure.