Restaurant “Georgian Yard”

Fans of traditional Georgian cuisine will be pleased to know that in Tashkent, you can try the rich gastronomic traditions of this country. Already at threshold of this place you will plunge into the multifaceted world of Georgia. National music, color, decoration, design of the hall – all this will help plunge into the endless culture of Georgia.


The walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures of famous Georgian artists. According to the owner of the restaurant “The Georgian Yard”, it will help visitors better understand the art, traditions and the culture of this magnificent country. Freizes occupy a special place in the interior of the restaurant. Unique masonry was laid out in strict accordance with the Georgian architectural tradition.


Varied menu of the restaurant “Georgian yard” will allow anyone and everyone to choose what is best to please his taste buds:

  • Satsivi;
  • Chashushuli;
  • Khachapuri;
  • Adzhabsandal;
  • Nadugi and so on.


Chef of the restaurant, a fervent proponent of the Georgian culinary traditions, uses only fresh products. Guests can be sure that all the dishes are cooked in the observance of traditional recipes. Traditional Georgian bottle of wine is a good supplement to your table:

  • Napareuli;
  • Kindzmarauli;
  • Pirosmani;
  • Tbilisi;
  • Vazisubani;
  • Sachino.


Each of these manufacturers has a hidden long-term and perfect story. You’re not a fan of wine? Then the “Georgian yard” is pleased to offer you a wide choice of famous Georgian brandy. Come to us to touch the magic and mystery of the Georgian culture.