In Yunusobod district,on Prospekt Navoi, 2, close to the metro station “Mustaqillik Maydoni“ there is one of the biggest concert halls in the country, Concert Hall Turkiston. The history of the Concert Hall starts since the time when it was still bearing the name of the Palace of Arts “Turkistan”. This was one of the favorite places of both residents and visitors alike. The great Hall consists of two parts, the summer platform and winter premises. In summer, during the intense heat, a variety of events are held on the outdoor platform of the Turkiston under the branches of trees bringing coolness. This platform is especially popular with young people. The visiting artists and the world-famous pop stars perform their concerts here. The country’s youth groups representing the latest trends in music, art and other fields share their creative activity on this stage. The summer arena can gather 3,200 visitors in total.


The winter hall is slightly smaller – its size is designed for housing up to 896 people. But honored folk artists and guest artists constantly perform at the Concert Hall Turkistan. Also, the winter Hall is often used for official events. These are numerous forums, meetings, conferences and other events that require the collection of a large number of people.


One can find out more about events by contacting the staff of Turkistan concert hall, which is better known as the Palace of Arts Turkistan by the older generation. The concert hall staff will willingly share the right information. Just dial the number (99 871) 235 44 40.