Art-Center “Tashkent Plaza”

Next to the International Business Center at Amir Timur Prospect, 107 famous in Tashkent Art Center “Tashkent Plaza” is located. Here, under one roof, the best representatives of handicraft work of this great city was collected. In addition to the highly informative workshops, in which visitors learn most interesting and important detailed information on the crafts presented in art-crafts center, they can see the most beautiful exhibits, as well as try to make them with their own hands. Specifically for this purpose a school for gifted children Usto- Shogird was opened in the art center, in which any child, who has a great desire, can get the training.


Once in the art center, you can see the unique technologies, which, in the modern world, are practically, lost to history. Craftswomen of hand sewing use natural vegetable dyes, from which unique ornaments are created. Thanks to this ability and inexhaustible imagination, craftswomen manage to create garments that are considered truly unique design work.


In the department of masters of miniature painting one can learn how to make vegetable dyes. Also, manual silk paper, the pride of Samarkand masters, is also created here. In the weaving department, visitors can watch the work of creating of silk and cotton fabrics, adras, atlas, produced in the national wooden looms. Carpets and rugs which are woven from goats’ hair are also unique exhibits, because finding them in the stores will be meaningless and futile idea.


Ceramics and casting, forging and jewelry art, stamping on leather, papier-mâché, decorative painting-they are gathered in one place and truly considered the most valuable knowledge of several eras of development of this region. In addition, you can order the production of any item that is sure to become the main decoration and the memory of this fantastic city.


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