Son Kul Lake


The largest among many Kyrgyzstan alpine reservoirs is Issyk-Kul, which rightly called Kyrgyz pearl. The second Son-Kul considered the largest freshwater source in republic.

Son Kul

This freshwater reservoir popularly called Kyrgyz soul. It is located at an altitude more than 3,000 meters above sea level and changes color from bright green to dark blue, depending on climatic conditions.

Clean mountain air attracts tourists who stay overnight on lake shore. Night sky appears strewn with stars that seem so close that you can reach it with your hand. When planning Kyrgyzstan trip, do not forget visit this beautiful place.


Despite fact that mountains’ height exceeds 4000 meters, they seem small compared towards water body majestic beauty.

Local residents mainly engaged into animal husbandry, unlike urban population, have not lost human values, folk traditions featuring deep connection with nature.

Travelers who have been here once will forever remember this place beauty either warmth.


Some facts about Son Kul.

  • Water surface total area is 278 km, its maximum depth about 20 m. The largest water body throughout republic contains more than 2 cubic kilometers of fresh water.
  • Same name river flows from lake into large Naryn river.
  • Climatic conditions allow you getting here only during summer months, because rest year this road closed due snow blockages. Ice thickness through winter can be over 1 meter.
  • Upon summer, shepherds from nearby areas come toward coastal territories.
  • Many fish types are found lake, such as whitefish, marinka, osman, char, other species. Numerous waterfowl live here, as several animals species listed in Red Book. Region flora represented by shrubs featuring flowers, among which the rarest edelweiss occupies special place.
  • Upon ancient times, coast was favorite place for nomads. Various barrows, statues, hieroglyphs, stones covered by various inscriptions serve as proof.
  • During summer, coast covered by tent towns, yurts for an overnight stay beside nature. Here, tourists can enjoy clean mountain air, nature pristine beauty taste delicious koumiss, delightful meat.

How to get there?

Most route, which length about 280 kilometers, passes along Bishkek-Naryn highway. Road preserved in excellent condition as considered strategic because it connects republic capital with China. After passing Sary Bulak spot, located before pass, you need turn right then drive two passes. Throughout summer, this road appears quite suitable for any transport.

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