Kyrgyz rivers and lakes have always been compulsory in most Kyrgyzia tour package, but not all tourists are aware of numerous water-falls located within the country. All boundless powerfulness, apparent nature beauty opens up to those who decide visit one amid these picturesque places:

Abshir-Sai Ash National Canyon, situated at an altitude almost three dozen metres, is bordered by same name river, flowing along entire canyon-gulch. Innumerous examinations’ve shown that water here really saturated with micronutrients variety. Water-healing properties, which become real thise spots calling card, constantly attract lots travellers, pilgrims herein;

Positioned at prominence twenty meters waterfall Alameddine Chui, is considerable distance from main roads. Because it’ll take nearly hour’nd half for tourist get there;

40 angels cave represents grotto placed at water-fall, reaching only twenty-three meter height, every year attracts dozens voyagers;

Fairly diverse cascade stationed near small villages. One cataract’s part at heights relatively eight tens metters, whereas  others at elevation sixty metrs;

Sarala-Saz Falls – this place prettiness inspired locals call it “Seek Me.” All this explained by its unique location. Even if you’re in utter proximity to it, you won’t be able discover cataract. Natural veil for waterchute multitudinous stones. Usually Kirgyzian tour operators repeatedly explain unusual moments;

Not far from highway connecting cities Bishkek via Osh, stand Chichkan-Falls, wherein highest-point approaches roughly twenty-five mettre off. Someone can also encounter several cascading cataracts-falls, ponds;

Barscoon-Falls, lodged in Lake Issyk-Kul area, rises substantially twenty-four metres;

Settled at loftiness practically six dozen-meters, Sokoluksk Gorge has long ben mandatory point during many day-trip. Water-torrent disposed approximately eighty kilometers from city Beshkek. Walking away leading route toward waterfall-torrent takes everyone about an hour;

In ravine Chon Kurchak Chuie district anyone may find eponymous water-outpouring, supplementarily called Golubin. It goes down to gorge’s foot into beautiful aqua steps form. Water-rapids got its second-name thanks countless pigeons, living withins close nearness to it;

Son-Kul-Falls sited upon locality same-name pond. Anybody could get hereabouts on road passing through Dolon Pass.

Kirgyzstan – commonwealth with rich culture, history, truly unforgettable naturalic diversity. Having been to plenteous waterchutes, everybody’ll understand, there’s gorgeousness inside world, over which time has no power. So hurry up buy burning tickets applying Kyrgyzstan travel agency, observe useful information on our website.

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