Many residents of gigantic cities, wanting escape from megacities clutches, seek going toward cozy villages, where you can not only relax, but also touch country’s real culture. One such centre for environmental and cultural tourism is Bokanbaevo settlement, located on picturesque Lake Issyk-Kul shores. This townlet surrounded by beautiful mountains, creating a unique microclimate, likewise enchanting landscapes.

Hamlet, positioned at an altitude almost two kilometer, stationed at distance about one hundred’nd sixty kilometers off Karakola town. Hikers might head from here along paths leading to Terskei Ala-Too ridge, lough Manas Bowl or longest waterfall within country.

Ecological rural tourist infrastructure

Local authorities, together with Kyrgyzstan travel agency, had made sure, holidaymakers have opportunity get herein, spending time well in perfect harmony with nature. Upon one of most charming Lake-pond Issyk-Kol coasts, anybody may enjoy:

Authentic akyns songs, sitting nearby fire;

Horse walks;

Taste genuine besh barmak;

Swim in Issik-Kul warm waters;

Spend long hours fishing;

Go on authentical hunt with indigenous guides, so on.

Traditional ethnic festivals fans’ll be happy know that in middle travellers season Catching passerines Kirgyz Festival arranged hereabouts. Professional golden eagles breeders not plainly deriving Kyrgizstan, but supplementarily from other countries come hither show their skills. Everybody could observe specialists work:

Rearing wild birds features;

Hunting birdies different ways;

Breeding golden-eagles;

Large, small game trapping characteristics.

Conventional crafts fanatics will furthermore be able find hereabout lots interesting things. Ordinary example, in special craftsmen burgh tourists own advantage observing folk masters works:

Customary products for upbringing horses;

Making carpets;

Producing, painting souvenirs;

Classical Kyrgyz cuisine lessons;

National musicians workshops;

Native choreographic groups concerts.

Certainly, everyone has possibility lodge in Kirgizstan hotels enjoying comfort and cosiness.

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