Natives have long noticed that nature has endowed these lands along the Lake Son-Kul shores, for indubitable generous  variety. Rather turbulent economic and military development of this city was result of its marvellous location on one of  busiest Great Silk Road tracks. There had been a goods-transfer, heading from Kashgar to Asia.

In beginning, no-one could’ve imagined that town Kochkar would one day become an important shopping center. Practical trade  caravans simply bypassed it. However, over time, numerous merchants were able understand, borough could be used not  exceptionally as place to rest, but also a really convenient transshipment base for various goods.

As time went on, and with it, inhabitants way changed. Nowadays, Kuchkor is already betting on tourism. Kyrgyzstan tour operators are trying convince holidaymakers, main resting “chip” in indigenous places significant emphasis on classical  Kyrgyz-culture. Conurbation actively developing program which supports people who are ready popularize national-culture.  Musicians, shepherds, artisans, nomads – all of them are prepared show traditional Kyrgyz living features.

Accommodation in authentic yurts or farms particularly popular among local tourists. If you’re really nomadic life fanatic,  there’s unique opportunity live with real herdsmen. All this allows not only tell more peoples about nationalic culture  peculiarities, moreover, additionally significantly increase locals benefit performance income aspect.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан