Snow skiing fans will be able to fully appreciate unique infrastructure created within famous tourist base Too-Ashu, located in southern part of same name passage. Those who want get here tour Kirghizstan must cover a distance one hundred thirty kilometers separating pass with country capital. Whole journey will take you no more than two hours on reliable car.


Infrastructure for different ages was created regarding lodge.

Many tourists consider that journey as beautiful dream rather than reality. Vacationers consider they don’t have sufficient practical skills forward running. If it doesn’t bother go this place where novice either professional didn’t bore.

Different distance & difficulty tracks are situated upon large territory. International sport experts already noted the longest skiing run within whole republic. Their average longitude fluctuates 2, 6-5 kilometers.

Local administration has taken care creating convenient substructure further holidaymakers comfort:
Wide fairly spacious beginners’ runs;
Descent abundance with untouched powders professionals;
Slopes since three km. height;
Freestyle together free ride trails;
Beginner training sessions;
Helicopter delivery to top;
Comfortable lifts;
Possibility rent skis, snowboards, other stuff.

Tourist season usually starts October until April but maximum touristic flow observed from February.


Climatic features.

It should being noted that holidaymakers can enjoy not only skiing, but also comfortable weather conditions. Average daily temperature stays -3 C dropping -9 degrees during vacation season.

However, all these temperature drops remain almost unnoticed thanks warm air masses either practically never cold wind. Snow cover, which thickness reach two meters stays fit long enough. Also worth noting, there is no vegetation here.


Holiday inside base becomes seasonal.

Those vacationers, who planning visit such place, must pay attention seasonality onto recreational establishment.  During winter periods emphasis puts against snowboard riding, sleigh, snowmobile or skating. Fans off unforgettable landscapes may pay attention amazing mountain beauties which can be viewed from specially designated places.

While summer tourist complex switches variety of horse riding featuring long paragliding. Real touristic romance admirers may come there having their own camping tent.


Skating peculiarities.

Before vacationers able try hand within descent they should pass required instruction. Professional stuff wish tell people about safety engineering and various particular qualities:

Rules for handling special equipment;
Avalanche safety features;
Night lighting is turned off;
Lodge has its own emergency room.


Several trails become available guests characterized by various difficulty levels:
“Blue track”- tilt angle 32 degrees, length 2, 6 kilometer;
”Yellow track”- 30, 2, 8 km;
“Red Trail” tilt angle 19; 3.

In order getting toward top guests require use chair lift cable accommodating 120 people. Its movement speed does not exceed four meters per second. Generally, total lift time engage twelve minutes.


Extreme admirers on a note

If you are used untraded paths then just take advantage among runs. Real white virgin want help fully appreciate one’s strength. Helicopter delivers guest featuring all necessary equipment towards untouched slopes. Anyway, experienced guide instructor goes after each even most occupational group.


This ski resort offers travelers throughout Kyrgyzstan group tours unique opportunities get closer towards nature while being into comfort conditions. Interesting traveling at actual natural fairytale begins upon the way to such placement. Road passes through famous gorge Too Ashu, then following through massive mountainous tunnel. Immediately after tunnel fascinating mount landscape and magnificent view against Susamyr opens.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан