Another famous skiing complex located on Tien Shan mountain northern slope. Recreation area average height is more than one and a half thousand kilometers. If you plan get here by car throughout Kyrgyzstan travel, then you need overcome almost one hundred km. going on Issyk-Kul Bishkek highway.


Ski resort climatic features:

Almost all time of year there is comfortable temperature not only after skiing, but leisurely family vacation. Weather forecasters point out that complex situated within zone with lots of sunny days per year. Average air temperature stays 10, 2 degrees.  The coldest month considered January, when mercury may collapse -9 degrees. During summer seasons temperature may rise higher than twenty-five.

Vacationers are welcome at any time of year.

Location features together with climatic conditions allow local administration provide permanent rest forward different countries tourists. For example, during winter they can devote themselves running, snowboarding, snowmobile featuring other sports. Recently, air boarding or descent on controlled soft sled has become very popular. Summers provide large variety off hikes, camping, mountains trekking, horse riding, quad biking either other activities.


 Well-developed complex infrastructure;

In order ensure maximum guests comfort local administration took care toward creating necessary infrastructure:

  1. Well-equipped rescue service;
  2. Territory patrolled by cameras;
  3. Central track equipped with professional lighting system;
  4. Two chair lifts 200 either 500 meters length;
  5. Numerous mats along lift pillars;
  6. Tracks constantly served using modern equipment;
  7. Numerous snow cannons ensure slopes proper condition;
  8. Air bags through rollout area;

Those who want enjoy running will be able choose any track, which length fluctuates 150 m.-3 km. Average height difference stays 30-600 meters. There are 9 tracks unmarked over avalanche situation.

All runs available from 9 to 4 p.m. Evening running fans shuold try their strength 8-10 hours period. Every run designed forward certain skills level so everybody while travel Central Asia can pick up interesting option.


Main attractions:

“Orlovka” ski resort becomes famous over its nature. Tourists will be able admire Tien Shan mount featuring Chui valley. Ethnographic Fine Arts Museum also located there. Here you must see various art works created within traditional Kyrgyz manner.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан