For those who would prefer to spend your vacation on the azure waters of Issyk-Kul with the health benefits of all hotels in Kyrgyzstan best suited Aurora sanatorium. In addition to the life-giving influence of the local climate, crystal-clear water in its purity and excellent air filled with the freshness of the surrounding mountain ranges, Aurora can pamper their guests with all sorts of treatments designed to restore the health of the mortal body, and the spirit of the great mood. Lake Issyk-Kul in its depths keeps a lot of secrets – the ancient city, lost civilizations, lost relics and treasures missing.


Comfortable flight Uzbekistan Airways to the city of Bishkek, scenic ride on the shuttle bus to the town of Bulan-Sogottu, and you’re surrounded by constant care of the hotel staff and can enjoy all the benefits offered by the sanatorium Aurora. Tour operator Kyrgyzstan recommends it for travelers who wish to combine a great vacation with require treatment. This Kyrgyzstan specializing in respiratory problems, ailments related to the nervous system, the difficulties arising from the circulatory system. Also visit the resort will help those who suffer from skin diseases, found at fault in digestion. Recommend it and the ladies who are worried about gynecological diseases.


Stunning scenery and sensitively-designed green area is not configures boasts a serious mood. Here, think not only about health, but also on how to get it was in a very comfortable environment. The individual apartments can be found so dear woman’s heart iron and board, and in the bathroom there is a great and dryer, and all the facilities for washing mortal shell so that the shampoos and gels bag cannot weigh. Especially please those who prefer splashing and no shower spray shower, bathtub available here.


In one of the local restaurants you can treat yourself to three times a day, dishes of local cuisine and European cuisine delicacies, which are not only great taste, but also beneficial effects on health. Fresh and natural products only after passing through the skillful hands of the cooks, are the magnificent decoration of the table, and always pleasing to the stomach. In addition to the restaurants there is a bar and an ordinary and phyto-bar.


To water treatments were not only fun, but also to good use, open swimming pool for guests with sea water. Those who prefer to fight for bodily beauty alone, will discover the local gym.


In addition, in a shady park, you can relish jump ball for volleyball, work out in the hit basketball or run, honing and filing tennis court. There is even a special town with sport equipment. The very territory of Kyrgyzstan and this hotel, you can travel all over the surrounding countryside by bike.


For those who prefer a more refined entertainment, pick up a decent combat partner for horse trekking and exciting voyages into the unknown corners of the mountain Lake Issyk-Kul. Those who prefer to enjoy the exotic, not far away from the walls of the favorite rooms can enjoy a real barbecue and Sharpe during a picnic in one of the gorges.


At right outside the door of the hotel there is tempting turquoise splashing waves of Issyk-Kul. Large family waiting inflated and important banana, always ready to dip riders into the cool water or take the shuttle to the nearest pier where the ship, triumphantly honking, sent to full sun and wind walk. Hungry for something more exotic may come to know the depths of the lake to scuba or try your hand at spearfishing.


For those who prefer to combine relaxation with any business event, there are several conference rooms that can hide in the walls at the same time up to 40 guests.