Ak-Maral Hotel

Hotel Ak-Maral is located right on the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, famous for its waters of the lake that never touched the silver armor of ice. Holidaymakers are attracted by the warm climate, generously lake 100 days a year. In transparent waters so nice ride on a pleasure steamer, trying to see through the water column spiers lost cities, and mysterious shadows sunken temples.


Ak-Maral – Kyrgyzstan hotel is ready to offer its guests an oriental hospitality, coupled with European quality. Convenient flight Uzbekistan Airways to the capital, Bishkek, burdensome trip to the town of Bast, and you are waiting, full of friendliness and attention of the hotel staff. Tour operators are advised to Kyrgyzstan accommodation in this hotel, for those who are planning a family trip, or for the active traveler.


The comfortable rooms can be found not only all pleasant need to transform into a magnificent: heating, television, and refrigerator.


Cheerful walk to white beach and here at your feet glitters and shimmers turquoise juicy Issyk-Kul. You can just lazily recline on a chaise longue, covered with smooth bronze tan. Or take a look at the vastness of the lake from under the parachute canopy. Gently rocking the pier, waiting for those who wishing to jet skis, boats and yachts. Those who prefer more volume deck, welcome tour of the lake. In a whirlwind of water spray can ride on water skis or banana family. For the convenience of guests is equipped pier, which equipped with ladders, and can go down to the lake. On the shore there is a sauna, where you cannot only have a good warm up, but after a dip in the cool waters of the lake. On the beach animation team to entertain those who accidentally got bored on the beach.


Located on the shores of Lake restaurant, the guests waiting for a varied and consistent in their palatability meals. Spend on food is not necessary – the cost is already included in the room charge. In addition to the restaurant, offers a variety of dishes of Asian and European cuisine at the hotel there is also a bar, where during the day you can enjoy something so significant. The restaurant is located near the edge of the shore and offers not only nourishing food, but also delight the eye.


The hotel located near the lagoon and a large artificial basin. You can test your accuracy in the billiard room or party had a good jump, reflecting supply in table tennis. In the gym, instead of a plurality of simulators, engaged guests who prefer to build muscle, not taking part in competitions.


After a long vacation so nice to relax in the SPA center, where the careful hands of therapists will return cheerfulness mortal shell.


If even on vacation you cannot forget about business, this hotel Kyrgyzstan can offer you and a spacious conference room for 120 people. If the business events need special equipment, it is happy to give you.


This hotel is Kyrgyzstan with tenderness and attention applies to the youngest guests. They set aside a pool suitable for young swimmers depth. For older children provided quads, boats and jet skis for rent. In the evening you can play video games at a local saloon.