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Rakat Boshi 73, Tashkent
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Outside Rakatboshi, 73 located in Tashkent Samir Hotel. You can be guided by located near the metro station “Prospect astronauts.” On the facade of the building proudly poured three stars, which is the best pass European quality and increased service Samir. The distinguishing feature of the hotel – its location, there will not interfere with the noise of cars, the roar of hurrying people, the continuous rhythm of plants – Samir is away from the fuss. Apartment hotels are divided into three classifications, but they are quite spacious, clean, with relaxing interior decor. One more advantage is the presence of individual safe deposit boxes, which can be very expensive to store personal belongings. The restaurant is famous among guests the splendor of local and European dishes, cooks trying their best, sometimes surprising the guests seemingly quite ordinary dishes. Trained personnel will not cause unnecessary trouble, trying to make your stay most comfortable as possible.

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