Ceramic craft is one of the directions, which is so proud and famous for the city of Rishtan, located in the Fergana Valley. Alisher Nazirov is one of the most famous masters of ceramics, who at one time was trained by great artisans. Its main thrust is that Alisher perseveringly recreated the drawings that archaeologists found during the excavations, precisely transferring them to ceramic products.

A great experience Alisher received during his visit to Japan. It was there that he became acquainted with the famous ceramic master Isokichi Asakura, who is one of the teachers of the Kutani school. Under the guidance of a Japanese artisan, Alisher created over 80 works, each of which was unique, unique in its kind, working in the studio from morning until late at night.

Later, several large Japanese cities witnessed expositions of Alisher Nazirov, who was a regular participant in the world ceramics exhibitions. In Uzbekistan, the work of the renowned artisan is given a special place, his works are kept in priceless collections of the art museum. In addition, you can get acquainted with the work of Nazirov in other cities – in the Moscow Museum of Art, in the St. Petersburg Museum of Ethnography, in the Japanese Museum of Ceramics.

Being a truly great master, Alisher Nazirov opened his school in Usto-Shogird, where absolutely everyone could attend the training. It is worth noting that Alisher’s students were able to achieve no less results – the art of Usto (named after the masters from whom Alisher Nazirov studied himself) is constantly bringing recognized awards, as pupils are often participants in exhibitions of arts and crafts.