Near the Registan Square (Tashkent Street), behind the Sherdor Madrassa is the Art Gallery. Before it was opened exactly in this place, the building was repeatedly reconstructed, and was used as a large, shopping center. For trade matters, it was not chosen by chance, its location was too convenient – at the intersection of four roads. The decision to transfer the premises to the trusteeship of the Academy of Arts came not by accident – after the next rebuilding a significant (three-meter) layer of land was removed, which exposed the foundation of the ancient building.

From the past, the house has only the name – Chorsu, which translates as four ways. Today, an art gallery is open here, which presents to its numerous visitors works of the best Uzbek artists, most of which are represented by Samarkand masters. Also the gallery works in the direction of supporting young talents, I give the opportunity for young artists to present their paintings for public viewing.

In the hexagonal building, unique in its architecture, exhibitions of new works by contemporary artists are often held, among which not only paintings, but also statues, dishes and other artifacts. The art gallery is in great demand, there are endless streams of visitors, as well as visiting tourists. And it’s not strange – after all, in the works of artists not only the entire beauty of the native land was transferred, but also the warmth and love with which these works of art were created.

All the charm of Uzbekistan is conveyed in the works of the best of the best, amazing the guests with its rich colors, tranquility, ideally transmitted moods, the zest that is inherent in this republic. Do you want to touch the beautiful? Call – (+998 90) 2502466.