Recreation complex “Jermuk Ashkhar”

Jermuk – is not only surprising in its life-giving power of the sources, making their way to the bright sunshine, but also a fascinating walk through the picturesque gorge of the summer and dizzying descents by inviting sparkling fluffy snow slopes in winter. And it is tempting aromas of spicy dishes restaurants and cozy cafes, where gold absorbed the last rays of the autumn sun cognac. And bold spurs rocky slopes uncontrollably reaching for the infinite blue of the sky. To enjoy these beauties in full, in Jermuk would be worth to spend at least a week, and tour operators in Armenia believe that it would be better and all two.


Sanatoriums and rest homes are many. But one of the best Armenian hotels , of course, part of “Jermuk Ashkhar” complex, stretched out on the edge ends abruptly downward slope. It was built about forty years ago, but still boasts an exceptional level of service and an incomparable quality of services provided. People come here primarily to treat his mortal shell all kinds of procedures. But this process can be extremely useful to combine with the amenities such as interesting excursions, rich meal (if the doctor does not forbid), a fascinating walk through the picturesque surroundings and burdensome sports. This Armenia hotel has all the possibilities to organize such leisure to their guests. But “Jermuk Ashkhar” – is, first of all, the health center is quite respectable level, so go here for treatment would have been better with the help of a doctor. However, if you take a complete package of services, all kinds of tests and consultations will be provided to you. But it would be a shame to be here to learn disconcerting news that the composition of the water does not suit you.


The resort is quite large, and it extended along the cliff walls located more than 120 different apartments. Whichever of these you do not have liked, but everything depends on the number of tourists (whether you go alone, bring along a partner or the whole family), all apartments will be equipped with a full set of essential services. It is soft and comfortable furniture, a TV, a plurality of receiving satellite channels, a refrigerator, which can be used for its intended purpose, and as a mini-bar. A lot of pleasant things to wash his earthly body and skin care and your hair can be found in the bathroom. All rooms are simple and nice, but the interior is completely creates a charming home environment.


The “Jermuk Ashkhar” come to get rid of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, adjust metabolism, treat attention the nervous system, to solve women’s health problems. This place is intended to rid of stress and to help recover from injuries and operations. Surprisingly, it affects the life-giving and respiratory system. For all this there is the necessary equipment, and in the course of treatment using the methods of climatetherapy and physiotherapy hearing more familiar. For guests with special requirements constitute a list of products to form a menu. A perfect complement to all the procedures will be different baths, where guests are immersed in mineral water or mud. And to relax the muscles and regain its former mortal body flexibility helps massage or physiotherapy.


At the sanatorium opened his own clinic, where a range of treatments designed to speed the cure the problem that bothers you. This washing with the help of mineral water of various organs, inhalation mixture for which to prepare, based on the medicinal water and special herbs.


The hotel opened his own restaurant, where guests are treated to breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the cost of these meals in advance is taken into account in the cost of permits. Meals are very useful, but also delicious. Meals are prepared using only fresh products grown in the surrounding farms.


To the health benefits were even greater, the hotel is equipped with a magnificent sports center, with its large indoor swimming pool, where there is even a small area for kids. The spacious gym impatiently await guests, throwing open their iron embrace of modern simulators. You can try your hand at a game of tennis on the territory of undeveloped area for mini football, and excellent field where you can relish jump for volleyball ball. For natures are not so sports – billiards.


In the evening, you can check the effect of medical procedures, going to paint the town red at the local disco – whether the body will be ready for incendiary rhythms. Or just sit in the local bar. For those who would like to combine cultural leisure and entertainment, the hotel opened a cinema.


The “Jermuk Ashkhar” there are mandatory elements present in every self-respecting hotel, business center, car park, nice for heart ladies beauty salon. And laundry inspire all, without exception, especially if you are in the hotel RA plan to stay longer than a week.