The city’s architecture

Not many people know that the city would have looked very different if some of the innovative and striking architectural projects have come to life on earth Almaty. Sokolov-Zeman, famed architect, wanted to decorate the slopes Koktyube (at that time bore the name of the hill Veriginskogo) a charming building, designed to carry a public function. Multiple-monumental stone pyramid, twisted greens, was intended to marry the Supreme Council of the Republic House. Like many innovative and ambitious projects, though this it was realized in part, but part of its enchanting power lost – House Palace of the Republic, and turned up the Boulevard Abay. Hill also received the vertical extension in the Monumental Tower. The very man-made part rises more than 370 meters, and with the hill they are really impressive in 1402 vertical meters. So, from the change of the building, its function of broadcasting a hill not lost.


And just outside the city boundaries begin the rich flora and fauna booths Ile-Alautinskogo National Park, which is known for a variety of parks and nature reserves, where the care and attention are the true treasures of the surrounding environment. Where you can find many unique plants, and in intact forests are still wandering animals. It is here with sensitivity and concern for the sanctity of life protect animals which, because of unfortunate circumstances have already managed to get into the Red Book of Kazakhstan. Somewhere here, in a shady more often shining amber eyes noble image of the city, graceful and dangerous snow leopard. To see these beauties is enough to reserve one of the hotels in Kazakhstan, located in the southern capital.


Foothills same is a patrimony of the local farmers. Rich land is used for growing crops, tobacco, special varieties of grapes and melon products. These glittering with all shades of green fields are replaced by dense gardens, where, in addition to many delicious fruits ripen strong and crisp apples «aport», gave the city a unique name.


A grown up caring human hands are replaced by their wild, but no less beautiful brothers. Fragrant wild rose thickets, Entangling wild apple trees, apricot trees sprawling green lace fill slopes. Then the delicate leafy greens replaced proud colossi Tien-Shan spruces. Lying above the alpine meadows stupefy smell thousands of travelers smells of flowering plants. Lush green pastures please the eye of tourists, and serves as a magnet herbivores. Still above the cold comes into its own, thinning beautiful meadows to lean on tundra vegetation, which, in turn, is compressed in his cold and ruthless arms detached white glaciers. Even the cheapest tour in Almaty will allow to see all these beauties.