Quest – this is one of the most interesting formats of entertainment, which is really worth dipping with a company of friends. The first quests were created in Japan about 10 years ago, and they immediately got incredible popularity. Creators of Tashkent decided not to lag behind, and also came up with their own series of very interesting querums.

In each of their quests a unique story is born with a whole plexus of unusual tasks that must be passed. Who knows what you have to experience: find a hidden treasure, save the oldest cities in the world, get out of the crypt with ghosts or solve a thousand-year-old riddle … One can say one thing – starting, you will not say no to such entertaining and dizzying entertainment!

Quests are divided into several varieties:

Escapeprums are one of the simplest erudition tasks, ideal for beginners. It is necessary to leave the closed room by solving various puzzles and riddles.

Quest in reality is a slightly more complicated task. You not only need to get out of the closed space, but also to go through a certain mission!

Performance – with you in the room is an actor, depicting one of the characters in history. Quest becomes more interesting and exciting, as you now not only communicate with each other, but also interact with a living character!

Action Game. To participate in the quest, you can not do without a good physical preparation – this is certainly not rock climbing, but you still have to show uncommon physical abilities to complete the mission. Action is better to take place in comfortable clothes and shoes, because you will have to climb, run, jump and make a lot of other movements (to avoid injuries, girls should refrain from high heels).

Morpheus. Total darkness. All feelings are sharpened to the limit. These are the main components of this quest. You move, focusing only on the voice of the presenter and your feelings. Fearfully? But how interesting! (if you are afraid of the dark or especially impressionable, it is better to refrain from participating in Morpheus and try your hand at other quests).