Among the desert dunes, 6 km from the beautiful Lake Aydarkul located Aydar camp. Guests are invited to 11 yurts, welcoming visitors not only extremely thoughtful design, and extraordinary comfort. Each yurt – a small fairy-tale world, thought out to the last detail. Inside, everything is decorated with rich carpets, made ​​by hand by local crafts women, here you can see exclusive shirdaks, decorated with large colorful patterns. Decorated lamps, antique candlesticks, painted pitchers – every piece accentuates the beauty of the other, merging into a single harmony.


Activities at the camp in Uzbekistan – days filled with an unusual romance and fun adventures. Dine traditional beshbarmak, rice, fruits, sweets, tea and other meals can be a total yurt-canteen, where every visitor will be given a lot of attention. In the afternoon you can go on a trip on a ship of the desert – the majestic and proud camel, or to decide on a more interesting event – a multi-day trekking. During the trip, you can not only see the plants that thrive in such harsh conditions, but also to get to see many of the deserts, some of which are dangerous. Fans of extreme driving offer a ride on the golden sands on jeeps, or try your hand at quad.


In the evening, when the camp is illuminated by light bulbs, come moments of romance and tranquility. To the sounds of crackling wood in the fire, harmoniously merging with the songs of local akyns extremely pleased to enjoy the beauty of the night sky or simply lying, surrendering a calm and relaxed mood. Visit the camp possible for last minute, then a trip here will be much cheaper, but no less impressive.