Charvak Lake Cools Down the Summer Heat

Uzbekistan is known for the extreme summer heat when the temperature is way over the limit. Still, it’s not a reason to turn down a trip to this wonderful country. As for me, I don’t like reading scary statistics, instead, I listen to my Uzbek friends who are able to give good advice on the matter. For instance, they told me about a miraculous lake high in the mountains, which cools down the heat. In fact, this lake is called the Charvak Reservoir, held back by a powerful HPP dam.

The reservoir is incredibly huge. The azure color of its water and the beauty of the mountain views around fascinate travelers. This is the oasis that saves people from the heat in the summer months. It is perfectly adapted for resort leisure and beach activities. My Charvak tour left a deep impression, which I will share with great pleasure. Moreover, I’ll describe the fabulous Pyramids recreation area “Charvak Oromgohi”, sprawled on the reservoir shore.

Tours to Charvak are in demand not only in summer but in winter as well. The lake is full of ski resorts because it leans on the dam in the west and on the Tien Shan mountain from other parts. People go there for skiing, freeriding, snowboarding, snowkiting, tubing, etc. Summer is the time for beach fun.

My Charvak tour had a positive start when I got to the Pyramids complex. The three blocks of the hotel “Charvak Oromgohi” have a triangular shape, looking like pyramids. That’s why the name stuck for the complex, and few people use “Charvak Oromgohi” in conversation. So, Uzbekistan has its own pyramids, not worse than Egyptian ones, and the service meets all the requirements of the recreation area.

The hotel rooms offer views of mountain ranges and Charvak reservoir. The landscapes are enriched by countless meadows, fields, rivers, and woodlands. The complex infrastructure is designed to maintain the peace of mind of the vacationers as well as recovery.

The hotel has a large round swimming pool and a separate one for children. There is a place to take massages and SPA treatments, besides, everyone can do fitness exercises or take a steam bath in the sauna.

The rooms’ interior is in a modern style with soothing greenish color shades. The guests feel complete tranquility and desire to stay there forever. Bowling, billiards, nightclub, restaurant – everything is available! And there’s free Wi-Fi all around.

No doubt, it feels good to be indoors, but Charvak tours are bought for beach entertainment above all. Classic boat or catamaran excursions are combined with breathtaking jet-ski rides. You can also enjoy windsurfing and even paragliding. Banana Ride fans will be satisfied too. They have a chance to boost adrenaline and endorphin, known as the hormones of elation.

The Pyramids beach is sandy and stretches along the coast for almost a half-mile. Beach infrastructure is in full: sheds, sun loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and so on. At the entrance are water equipment rentals. In addition to this, anyone can play volleyball or badminton on the allocated sports fields.

The water on the Charvak reaches up to +25 degrees off the coast. It helps to cool down after tanning without getting cold. In other words, there are heavenly conditions for wholesome recreation in the hot season. It seemed to me that it makes no sense to fly to distant countries to experience the pleasures of resort life. Moreover, the trip to Charvak is much cheaper, and you get a lot of pleasure anyways.