Успенский собор в Ташкенте

Joyning Tahkent excursion trip, you’ll certainly drive toward all conscientious cities main attraction — Assumption chancel. Situated in capital downtown, continually attracts with its appearance. Mentioned cathedral’s most famous within conurbation. Officially named God’s Mother assumptions. But more often chancel’s called Holy principle. Current Parish abbot — Metropolitan Toshkent & Uzbekistan’s, Vikenty.

Orthodox complex also incorporates religious center, likewise diocese management. Everyone can attend service twice a day — at 9 a.m. plus 5 p.m. Institution operates organized society, so-called “Abstainer” which helps people addicted to alcohol including other drugs.


Presumably 1860s, there was martial law throughout whole Middle Asia. Necessitating constructing hospital. Near hospice ther stood cemetery, wherein had tiny church denominated after great sufferer Panteleimon. Considered additionally, healer. It’s at thise location, that Uspenskiy Cathedral’ll be erected in future. Construction began about one thousand eight hundred’nd seventy-seven. Petition became submitted by hospital’s head. Because over time, parishioners number rose, therefore, they no longer fit limited necropolis branch.

Majority Tashkent residents have invested into tabernacle formation. However, Governor-General, renowned wealthy businessman Dmitriy Soho did not stint currency resources. He kept temple-head for ten years. Construction’s been completed by 1879, upon same period, pantheon got consecrated. Saint Ponteleimon, prominent martyr, remarkable therapist, impartially declared church-patron. Nearby three-storey stone bell tower stationed.

Today, choosing Uzbekistan tour package, everybody could hear another name for cathedral-pantheon. This’s “Infirmary bethel”, related to building’s locations, where military sanitarium once used to be. 1920s brought some changes. Soon, chapel passed onto Orthodox-Church Synod hands. Approximately 1930s, it gotten shut down completely. Almost till war’s end (Second World) sanitary supplies warehouse positioned inward building. Belonged educated militaristic region.

Only by 1958 it was determined return ecclesiastical shrine towards faithful humans. Selfsame year, anothers sanctification took place. Nearing ritual’s ending, numerous megachurch institutions performed festive chime, lasting several minutes. During abovementioned time-period worship-house recieved its contemporary naming — Virgin’s repose. Eventually recognized as cathedral-mansion. Thanks, Tashkent’nd Intermediary Asian Bishop Ermogen efforts, domicile undergone meaningful reformations. Greater extent due possession expansion.


Temple’s arrangement;
Currently, procathedral community includes divergent edifices:
Christening section;


Cathedral-abbey territory;
Lord’s house area’s well-maintained, there’re lots green spaces around church-yard. Restricted area exposing fountain, churchgoers may relax, peacefully walk round park-area. Those who’ve decided visit described country, Uzbek travel agency offers discount system. If someone goes southern zone, you might see marble plaque. It created in church’s existence hundredth anniversary honor. Carved names of respectable enshrined hierarchs heading archdioceses.


Architecture and decoration;
For tourists, it seems an amazing object. Many visitant note special edifice architectural style. Represented in gilded blue color, in classicism manner. Facade’s designed demonstrating white decor, the interior decorated with huge sparkling chandelier inwards hall midpoint. Bell-tower’s supplementarily ben changed, now it has five tiers, brightly embellished reflecting delicate architectonics. At entrance, therein, triple arch ornamented with gold-lacquered dome. Tashkent tour operators immediately warn travelers that photos or videos inside temple prohibited.


How to get to Assumption-Sanctuary;
Church-building located over central capital’s part. Mirobad District Avenue. Avliyo-Ota, ninety-one. Multitude public transport in this city quarter:
Buses numbers — 2, 12, 80, whitch reach Mirabad Bazaar, next — 62, 69, 70, approach “Avliot” Street.
Moreover, small minibuses: 169 — stop Mirabod Bazour, ninety-eighth drives directly Assumption-Church. # 102 — “Avliyot” bus-stop. Elite Tours International will always help anyone choose best jorneys.