Собор Святейшего Сердца Иисуса в Ташкенте

Visiting Uzbekistan always starts with going to this city. Its architectonics very diverse. Check out data offer. Cathedral meets all the parameters indicating neo-Gothic manner:
High spires;
Arched components;
Stained glass windows;

Building’s general structure, as if stretching upward. For an eastern conurbation, given combination is unusual. However, Cathedral’s active, correspondingly, belongs Roman Catholic Apostolic Community. Only five people serve in reliquary:
Monks — clergymen, belonged St. Francis’s Order;
Monastics without san, represents Franciscans Orders;
Bishop, Toshkent Catholics acting head — Yezhi Matsulevich;

Around metropolis, few peoples know Cathedral-palace of Jesus Sanctified Compassion under mentioned naming. More often everyone would hear its secondary name — Polish Church. If you decide enter into thise building, ask locals identically. Otherwise, insignificant quantity of persons can explain something clearly.

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Polish-Church history;
Being on Uzbek tour itinerary, be sure visit abovementioned architectural masterpiece. Its construction started presumably nineteen-twelve. Ludwig Panchakevich, Poland architect, designed erection. Main workforce — Catholical soldiers serving inside Middle Asia. This’s despite fact that majority were literate humans, talented, highly skilled professionals. Heavy work involved prisoners kept nearby Tashkient.

Anyway, draftsman Pramaytis, basic formation mastermind, died through country revolutionary movement. Local abbot became temple’s assembly leader. Arrangement’s gotten postponed indefinitely with Bolsheviks arrival. Official reason’s funds’ lack. During Soviet period, ammunition warehouse was set up in unfinished church’s domicile. At contrasting times, housed wounded warriors, organized hostel. Undoubtedly, these interventions’ve left their mark upon procathedral. Some of existing sculptures have been looted, others corrupted.

Particularly after seventeis, edifice restoration began. Many engineers including architects launched restoring Catholically shrine enthusiastically. Therefore, did so in short time. Since before, Jesas Hearts Bishop’s seat has ben cared by Culture’s Ministry. Begining 1980s, Poland’s Chapel recognized as historical & cultural monument, well as Uzbekiston heritage site.

Precisely 1992, when Republic Uzbekiestan obtained independence, pantheon was fully transferred toward cathollic country’s commune. Approximately one thousand nine hundred’nd ninety-three, another reconstruction took place. Roman-Catholic chantry ultimately carried out. From then on, reconditioning activity headed by A. Ponomarev, engineer, experienced instigator S. Adamov. In autumn two thousands, therein happened important event. Ain’t simply for Catholicals parishioner, but similarly for whole capital — tabernacle archbishop Marian Oles consecration. Traveling in Uzbekistan, don’t forget to explore central popishly commonwealth community’s superstructure.


Why Jesuse’s Sacred-Heart sanctuary attracts tourists;
Not just unique architectonic distinguishes among numerous Catolic megachurch superstructures, supplementarily, its interior. Right behind hall entrance, visitors could observe spacious huge apartment, decorated with granite’n agate crystalline limestone. It gives room greatness plus triumph sense. Additionally, pay attention towards individual author’s elements expressing following form:
Fancy door-handles;
Charming chandeliers;
Stair-way fences;
Fixtures made in original appearance;
Vintage candlesticks;
Medieval style door sheds;

Most works belong minster’s ordinary parishioner’s authorship, Vladimir Pilipyuk. Chancel includes couple floors containing several apartments. Cryptchapel’s initial campus dating back, proximately 1916. It passes holy Mass on weekdays. Saint John Paul second’s lobby, where religious meetings’nd lectures’re held. Room’s named honoring Pope. Enormous lounge dedicated sacrificial sufferer — Anthony Paduansky. Inward intermedial part — mural ornamented using beautiful mosaics, sculptural pietist Anthony’s figure rises. His creation done by master Ademov.

On first position inwards Cathedral-mansion stands auditorium compassing subsequent floor. There’s large two-meter-high Christ’s statue, like towering above earth’s surface. Straight off figurine placed confessional. Overlooking altar — organ, capable making twenty-six different sounds. Described massive amphitheater frequently hosts chamber concerts inviting choir accompaniment, likewise bethel services on weekends. Walking throughout surrounding sacellum area, anyone may come across marbled slab. Curbstone enumerates legionnaires’ names who perished within Second World War. Moreover, worth taking note, largest Tashkent hotels are also located near Catholic-Church.


How to get there;
Polish-worshiphouse location’s Makhtum-Kuli Avenue, 80/1. Landmark — newly built Ecopark, Metropolitan Medical Institute. Temple-mansion easily reached taking buses number 10, 16, 1, 44, 18, 21, 80. Bus-stop called Tashmi Clinic. For necessary information, contact Elite Tours International company, useful references on our website.