Храм святого равноапостольного великого князя Владимира Ташкент

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Brief description;
Uzbekistan tour for an orthodoxy person can not do without visiting temples. There are several shrines in Toshkent. The biggest one — cathedral, situated near Dombrabad. Named after equally apostolic prince Vladymir, declared a glorified soul for his good deeds. This sanctuary located around city cemetery site nearby Chilanzar district, Dombrobad Street two. Since August twenty-three one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one, it functions as Russian Orthodox chancel.

Construction date — 1970. Originally intended make building hall inside which civil memorial services will be held. It was in deplorable state. But beginning 1990, when Father Igor Balukhatin became blessed with Most Reverend Bishop Vladimyr. He kept Tashkient plus Central Asia archbishop rank. Reissued erection to orthodoxies parish, repairing work began here. Elite Tours International stable company’s service always available for you.


Further church-institution development;
Beginning October, sacraments started being performed inward reliquary. People mostly gathered on weekends. Dead’s funerals were scheduled from 1 p.m. till four p.m. daily. First church’s Divine Liturgy was arranged on November seventeen, 1991. Presumably 1992, before light Easter holiday, local craftsmen cast six small bronze chapel bells. By May three, mid-size ringing-bells have been manufactured. Moreover, in June, institution received two large ringer-bells. Tashkent travel operators will help you learn more about religious traditions.

By September of same year, bell tower domed frame appeared built. Approximately by Octobers, larger building’s part base stood ready to be constructed under dome. Right in octagonal hemisphere form. January eight 1993, following Spiritual Ceremonial, children celebration also organized. Christmas tree within pro cathedral. By July twenty-eight 1993, facade came repaired. Thus, now, it shone upon towering mosaic icon with cross. Proximate Novembers eighteen, 1999, temple-pantheon got consecrated. Committed by clergy community led by Highly-sanctified Lord Vladimer. All necessary information explore reading our website: