Евангелическо-лютеранская церковь в Ташкенте

Evangelical Lutheran temple once included in mandatory Tashkent excursions register. It’s the only one within capital, even whole Uzbekiston. Traditionally, called khirha. Service’s conducted implementing two languages, Russian and German. Chants are exceptionally Germanic. Organ playing accompany service. Main ceremonial takes place on Sundays. Pastor leads Ordinance, who’s elected by parishioners themselves, so-called congregation.


Megachurch considered built approximatly 1896. Liturgy-service began one thousand eight hundred’n ninety-nine. Building’s construction funds were allocated by medic, talented philanthropist Ieronym Ivanovich Krause. Later, he affiliated Lutheran-community. Soon afterward, became Toshkent Church’s president of Germany Evangelical-Lutheran Community Consulate-general.

Presumably 1900, churchman Jurgens Jurgenson opened Lutheran-church classes at his home. Skipping several twelvemonths, new erection got constructed near chapel, especially for thise educational establishment. Designed containing fifty students. But after communists’ grabbing power, chancel ceased existing. Soviet era didn’t spare religious institutions. Likewise, same fate kept waiting evangelicals-Lutheran tabernacle including abovementioned school. Schoolhouse transferred toward Public Education Department. Elite Tours International company makes huge contribution into world tourism development. Offers exclusive, mostly unique jorneys.

Multitude years, church-building functioned as warehouse, then Tashkent Conservatory’s become organized there. It happened at seventies, twentieth century, when restoration plus repair work finished. Because Tashkient earthquake unreservedly damaged edifice. Having repaired chantry, it was given to opera stage at conservatoire. Momentarily, wind instrument acquisition materialized, church-hall started performing pipe-organ music concerts.

Furthermore, republic’s independence declaration announced, Tashkent again formed evangelistical Lutherans fraternity. unfortunatly, few worshipers left. Nevertheless, aforementioned allowed faithful humans ask government rebuild bethel as Uzbekistan attraction.

Over nineteenth centenary, Germans officers came towards metropolis, safely served tsarist army. Many settled inside ours country. However, in nineties, Germanical family precipitated actively leave their homes. So, 2010, municipality Lutheranic association possessed just three hundreds believers’nd 300 across commonwealth. Second largest Uzbekistan’s confraternity situates nearby Fergana. In addition to Lutheranial churchgoers, foreign tourists also attend church-service.


Architecture & interior;

Church-construction’s chosen brown-yellow brick. Unexpected result, brown, neo-Gothic superstructure appeared. German-temple architect — renowned A. L. Benoit, who derived from noble Russian’s artists, numerous architects families. Everyone needs enters minster through massive wooden double door, more like gate. During summer, mansion facade’s always green ivy covered, whitch creates very picturesque view. Inward sacellum courtyard — small garden, upon which territory sycamores grow. Inwards Uzbekystan, they’re better known as chinars.

Entering assembly, don’t expect luxurious decoration, everything’s quite modest. Behind entrance there’re stands demonstrating photographies of construction’s historical moments comprising Teshkent sacellum’s activities. Hall’s compact, determined for 100 people. Previously, hallway had been fitted with chairs that remained from musical academy. Nowadays, simply long benches instead. Sightseers often visit this pantheon, ’cause multiple Tashkent hotels located close proximity separating domicile.

Throughout large’n extremely high windows, decorated reflecting stained-glass, hall penetrated by sunlight. Altar positioned in center. Above it, miniature carpet weighs exposing symbolic pastor’s form portrait, grazing sheep’s flock. On right side’s shepherd’s tiny room, where ther’re theological books’nd servicing robes. Herein, supplementarily, couple clergymen portraits hang, representing Toshkient Lutheranist parish: Yustus Jurgensen’n famous Heinrich Berendts.

Episcopalian believers do not worship icons, innumerous relics, though they respect them. Therefore, ther’s Jesus Christ’s, apostles images. Although, isn’t conspicuous, unusually small-sized. Church-temple has sacred fire, candles, certainly, crucifix. Besides, quarter holding teensy calliope insides amphitheatre. Obviously, wasn’t used in performances while music-school belonged music-conservatory.


How to get Evangelistic Presbyterian prayer house;

Kirha situated conurbation downtown. Address: Sadiq Asimova Street, (formerly Zchukovskaya thirty-seventh avenue). Past German-church lots traffic going directly. These buses number: 1, 10, 14, 16, 18, 21, 44, 80. Excursionists should go till bus-stop — “Uspensky college”. Literally 400 meters off church-mansion. Proximately five minutes walk.

Omnibus numbers 2, 11, 43, 46, 58, 98 would take anyone “Maternity hospital No.six”. Subsequently, keep walking about ten minute, which’s 700 meters. Minibuses # 6, 102, move analogous rout. Uzbek travel agency allows you completely reveal capital’s versatility. Find contributory important information on our website: https://eastroute.com.