In Bukhara, I was more than once, but in transit and during this visit I wanted to see the real city, which was once the former part of the Silk Road. Therefore, planning a trip on their own, it was simply because there were no problems with the organization of Uzbek Airlines flight to Tashkent, and then I had only to take the train to Bukhara, because airline tickets were not on my date.


The city has changed since my last visit here. On the main square are gone all the local shops, which,  according to the government, only spoiled the mood of the tourists, but I think, these shops were creating a local flavor.

I now can’t imagine vacation in Uzbekistan without a haircut from my Bukhara friend Karim. Fortunately, this kind of service in the city has not disappeared and my friend stylist regularly shreds hair and bring the chin up to ideal smoothness for two dollars. However, he works in another place, in the famous “Green Bazaar”.

But all the other beauty of Bukhara to any government in the world can’t afford to move. And again I wandered through the streets with a camera, photographing the picturesque alleys, colorful mosques and slender minarets.


The district of the old city is relatively small, and therefore can and should view it only on foot. Especially, because some of the streets are too narrow for well-fed man and even more so for the car.

For me, the most picturesque corners of Bukhara are the Ark Fortress (or rather its remnants) and walls.


I also like some tragic story square Poi-Kalyan. High minaret here has long been used as an execution site – the criminals threw off from the top.


And in the midst of a hot day so nice to photograph the reflection of the ancient buildings of madrasahs and mosques, reflected in the calm waters of Labi-Hauz pool, around which they built.


Be sure to take a look at Magoki-Attari, the oldest not only in Bukhara, but also in Central Asia. If you want to go on a full tour, book it is already here, with the help of the tour operator in Uzbekistan.


I am after a long hiking around the city, always send in Bukhara hammam, which is open right up to midnight. There is the most extreme feelings, in contrast to other spa hotel in Uzbekistan.


For greater immersion in the culture, you can look at one of the folk show. The most famous is Nodir Devan Begi show, by the way, is also organize a fashion show. Another option is to buy a local herbal tea (for example, ginger tea) or coffee with cardamom.


In this trip, I decided to devote one day eco-center “Jeyran”, especially because I was promised unforgettable photos of wild animals. This is a unique nature reserve a few dozen kilometers from Bukhara, which are engaged in the restoration of population of endangered animals and at the same time treat the affected animals.

Local employees are passionate about zoologists and fans of their business.

By the way, if you do not have a camera with good optics, be sure to grab a pair of binoculars. Some rare species prefers to stay at a distance from the tourists what they are difficult to reproach. By the unique species include gazelle, wild ass, horse Prezhevalskogo and Bukhara argali.


Bukhara is a wonderful place, the beautiful and elegant city, like a mirage that shimmers in the hot light. To believe in his existence can be only one way – to come here. I’m going here again. Somewhere in a year.