Amirsoy Mountain Resort

Горнолыжный курорт Амирсой

It’s hard to compare the beauty of the Uzbek mountains without spending time there. Downhill skiers from all over the world spotted Uzbekistan as an ideal destination. Three years ago, a new Amirsoy resort opened there, fairly called the Uzbek Courchevel. It is more than a usual recreational complex. It is a tremendous project on the development of mountain skiing infrastructure in Uzbekistan.

The project proved its value, but building an ultra-modern ski resort in the mountains of Uzbekistan is not an easy job. People needed a recreation area of world-class standards and the project crew rose to the challenge. Amirsoy tours made it possible to enjoy a mountain skiing vacation without a lack of comfort. In its turn, it boosted the prestige of Uzbekistan.

Our story goes back to our initiation into skiing. Mountain sports make us healthier in every sense, so we decided to spend time out of town once in a while. The choice of destination was based on the decision to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is impossible without mountain air. Thus, after trying different tours, the Tian Shan and Chatkal ranges seemed to be the best place for improving health and alpine skiing.

We used to visit the well-known Chimgan resort until we heard about the opening of the Amirsoy complex. To be honest, it’s good everywhere in the Uzbek mountains, but after the Amirsoy tour, something changed our assessment. Trying to compare the two resorts, we pointed to Amirsoy without any hesitation. The infrastructure of the complex promotes the use of all the benefits of civilization all year round. There are cable cars that facilitate the descents and ascents during the ski activity. They are Prima and Express.

Summertime with the unbearable heat brings its amendments to the recreation process. Guests choose swimming in the outdoor pool or walking along the trails in the rope town. Someone may overcome the cliff routes upon the climbing wall if he feels like or join an Amirsoy excursion to mountain peaks. By the way, hiking enthusiasts explore mountain heights with great pleasure, whereas the guide shows the way round-trip. If anyone wants to ride ATVs, no problem. Rollerskating is also available. 

All services in the Amirsoy Ski Resort cost a lot of money. Meanwhile, it is worth it, as the satisfaction will be at its highest. Guests do not rent ordinary hotel rooms, instead, they settle in individual Alpine chalets. The interior combines exoticism with elements of the classics to cause excitement. As for the complex staff, they are very good-natured and helpful people. Room cleaning is their priority but they are also responding to any request.

The ski slopes are safe, and you have to pay tribute to the instructors who teach newcomers how to ski, snowboard, or ski pass. They closely supervise their skiers and are always present when they descend. Therefore, the ski slopes are free of the hazards assumed. Even the little things are taken into account: guests are offered special thermal equipment with a waterproof surface, so as not to accidentally catch a cold. 

Certainly, everyone is concerned about food, as no one wants to go hungry. Calm down. A variety of food is available in Amirsoy around the clock. Restaurants of different cuisines, as well as beverage units, are available to vacationers. The choice of restaurants is recommended at the lower stations of the cable car. The food is much cheaper there than at the upper stations and it tastes really good. Think about it.

In order to save more money, you should buy a single travel pass for all the descents and ascents. Unused trips will remain valid for the entire ski season. Next time you will not have to pay for part of all types of activities. The cable car travel is not included in the price of the ski passes.

It so happened that we decided to extend our vacation and stayed at the resort after the announced departure. We didn’t want to leave this beautiful place because we got used to nature and the fresh mountain air. The way back was a bit longer as we took the Amirsoy Tashkent regular bus. So, we had an active vacation, overcame difficult ski slopes and became much happier than we were before the Amirsoy tour.