Weddings around the world are perhaps the most reverent important events in life. Uzbekistan tour packages provide great opportunity to visit all regions. For Uzbeks, folk marriage ceremonies have particular importance celebrated especially solemnly. Throughout each region, they have their own characteristic differences, but main thing is moment fiancee moves groom’s house from parental home. This solemn day morning, festive pilaf is prepared inside steady place, which sent towards girl. Pilaf appears also arranged within groom’s residence, invitations are sent. On bridal day, mosque imam reads prayer “Khutbai Nikokh” over pair. As a result, young couple proclaimed husband and wife before God. Young people also explained their rights featuring obligations over each other.


On such happy date, fiance wear sarpo shoes either clothes donated for marriage. Smart fiance with friends goes bride’s housing forward greeting. Before sending sweetheart into husband residence, farewell ritual within family takes place at home. Lady accompanied by friends who sing songs. Wedding begins at bridegroom’s house. After ceremony, groom accompanies fiancee into just married room. There she met by woman close her “younga”. They dress girl up then hide until husband arrives behind special curtain “gushanga”. Bridegroom arrives, accompanied yangi, approaches curtain where his wife hides. But order toward enter, he must first redeem beloved from yangi. After symbolic bargain, couple left alone. Next morning, famous rite “Kelin Salom” begins. All relatives, groom’s parents, neighbors gather inside yard. All come toward lady with blessings, gifts. Bride bows low her belt, greeting everyone. This rite becomes long and happy family life beginning. If you are interested in other rites, visit our web site