Somsa is the most popular test-product in Uzbekiston, those who have been to Central Asia trips know that to bet about popularity, undoubtedly, may only a flatbread. Just imagine. Motley traders row at Tashkent bazaar; around trays wrapped in warm wool blankets, friendly sellers stretching you ruddy saumsa. For best effect, they pull out from under blanket first soumsa caught, instantly break it right in front of your astonished eyeballs. Suddenly, from there, fragrant steamy cloud, innumerous juice splashes. Moreover, inwards, like treasure inside precious casket: juicy meat pieces, fat-tail slice unpacked exposing onion transparent curls. Having famously sprinkled all this sensation with pepper, satisfied salesman looks after yours reaction performing laughing eyes. All over heads rushes long-slack: “zookaz-somsa!”

What’s mostly conventional & eminently classic isn’t even worth arguing, ’cause it’s absolutely different. Round, triangular, rectangular, square. Small, medium or huge – Jizak-samsa. Made off simple or flaky pastry, with fillings assortment, steam, triple, quadruple, fried, roasted. But what makes real semsa, not patty mediocre, thus, it is onion’nd lamb-fat, whatever filling, these two components are mandatory.

However, don’t let diet-based “healthy eating” adherents wince, scientifically proven that sammsa’s absolutely “correct” product. Privailing natural grease considered “good” cholesterol that prevents ours vessels from becoming brittle, comparatively, ain’t at all one which stays upon vascular walls in plaques form. Particularly, traditionally cooked in tandoor (especial eastern oven). This dish is practically dietary, steamed.

It’s not for nothing assert, samssa attracts so many fans. Described food hasn’t lost relevance today, when everywhere anyone can meet diners, wherein smartly sell notorious, foreign “fast-food” stuff. Guests flow toward cafes’nd teahouses, where professionals cook genuine tandoor-samsa. At lunchtime, collectives come on mentioned delicacy, hungry travellers who’re on Uzbekistan tour, companies during evenings strolls, sometimes families spending days off. Of course, because samsah baked in tandir, has special aroma, besides, unique memorable taste. Unfortunately, havin’ tandoor’s an unaffordable luxury within our apartment buildings, nevertheless, inventive housewives manage pamper household favorite meal around apartment’s conditions. Fortunatly, there’s great variety zamsa cooking recipes.

Puff-pastry meaty-samsa

Dough: three cups high grade flour, 2 eggs, 200g lard (any), 100g cold, boiled water, soda, salt

Mince: five hundred grams lamb-pulp (beef), 150 gram dumba (lamb interior fat), 400g onions, spices.