You must visit Uzbekistan. Why? Because Uzbekistan is a country of ancient high culture; This is an unforgettable world of architectural monuments.


Many famous people lived in Uzbekistan, especially in Bukhara. Bukhara was the center of trade and craft, since the times of antiquity.

Bukhara and in our days is the cultural and spiritual center of Central Asia. The architecture of Uzbekistan was influenced by Islamic architecture, as well as Greco-Roman, Indian, Russian, Persian.


Khiva is another cultural center. Khiva is an open-air museum. Khiva attracts tourists from many countries.


Many ancient cities of Uzbekistan were located on the territory of the Silk Road. They were the link between Central Asia and the West.

Fans of active recreation are attracted by the extraordinary beauty of the mountains of Uzbekistan. Here you can go mountaineering, climbing, and skiing.


Samarkand is considered the pearl of the East from the past years. And Ancient Khiva is one of the three tourist centers of Uzbekistan.

Some tourists visit Uzbekistan because of their religious interests.


There are about 160 Muslim relics in Uzbekistan.


Such cities of Uzbekistan as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and Tashkent. In the imagination of people of the West, they represent the eternal oriental beauty and mystery.

The applied art of Uzbekistan is very diverse. A wide range of different materials and ornaments is used. The whole world is very famous for traditional Bukhara carpets.

In Uzbekistan, bread is sacred. Traditional Uzbek bread is baked in special ovens that are made of clay – in tandir. This bread is called “lepyoshka”. Uzbekistan is famous for its “choyhona”. They gather people and have a good time for drinking a cup of tea (in Uzbekistan, piala are used instead of cups).


Uzbekistan is a very attractive country, from a historical point of view. Today Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries for tourists.

The people of Uzbekistan are famous for their hospitality, their sincerity, kindness and generosity. Uzbekistan is inimitable. He is unique. This is how it differs from other Asian countries.

You can endlessly list the advantages of Uzbekistan, but as they say, it is better to come once and see what a thousand times to hear!