The Legend of Forty Girls

This legend is not a fiction at all. Joining with Samarkand tours you will have the opportunity to visit the place where the garrison squad of forty girls, repulsed onslaughts of enemies.

In the Agalik steppe, absolutely deserted, on the bank of Dargoma there stands a mound. In the autumn it is watered by rains, in winter it gets coated with snow, in summer it is under burning sun. The ancient dastans relate it as follows:

Once a long time ago, this deserted area was covered with vineyards and beautiful gardens. There were fields on it and farmers worked on them. But one day, a black night sank down on the steppe. The army of conquerors stepped on the ground and the steppe became dark. Nothing was left, no flowering gardens, no fertile lands, no peaceful inhabitants of the villages. Everything was blown away by the hurricane… and the heavens were weeping, suffering, moaning.

The men and the elderly were killed immediately. But the unfortunate women and children were waiting for lifelong slavery. Some of them silently suffered and cried, others asked heaven for help. None of them wanted to part with their home or their native land. How could they not grieve? And among all these women were forty girls… They stood aside from all, and did not sprout a tear. In their beautiful eyes there was hatred and anger. Revenge was in their sad eyes. All the girls were nice and beautiful. They were like flowers in a spring garden. They did not seem unhappy, not captives. Their views were proud and unwavering. And their conquerors stood next to them. They didn’t even have their hands tied because the men thought they weren’t going anywhere. The night came… The Warriors, having drunk the wine, fell soundly asleep… In the sky bright stars shone. Even the moon could not be seen. The girls began to whisper of how much they did not want to leave their homeland, and of how much they did not want to be in bondage. And they invented the plan how to sneak and obtain daggers from the conquerors, and then, to kill them. That was what they decided. They began to crawl to sleeping men and attacked them. And won they prevail over them. They took all the weapons, those were spears, swords, bows with arrows, put on their hauberks and helmets. The girls began to be picked up to a herd of horses. The herdsmen slept deeply at that moment. It did not take a lot of time to catch horses, and ride them jumping towards freedom.

In the light of the sun it was really hard to recognize the girls. They were in chain hauberks, helmets and guns in their hands. So, forty girls escaped from their conquerors and remained free!