Об Узбекистане. Традиции2

The marriage is carried out exclusively after receiving parents blessing put through several stages. Parents start looking for suitable bride for their son subsequently he becomes an adult Uzbekistan tour. Relatives, friends, neighbors take part in this process. Afterward they find right lady, bridegroom’s relatives, under any pretext, visit future fiancee house getting acquainted with relatives, get to know her better. Further they ask neighbors or acquaintances about girl’s family. In case of positive reviews, groom’s family sends matchmakers. Representatives appoint betrothal day “fatih tuy”, which is considered most basic matchmaking stages.


When matchmakers arrive, elders, mahalla committee chairman, friends are invited to girl’s place. Matchmakers explain visit purpose details, then ancient custom “Non Sindirish” process begins, which means “breaking cake”. From now on, young people considered engaged. Before event end, wedding day is scheduled. Lady gives groom featuring his people gifts, according tradition. Gifts are inspected immediately after arrive at groom’s place. All guests present treated within dishes brought from fiancee’s house. Woman with many children traditionally unfolds dastarkhan. Fatiha Tuy custom ends here. Then bride and groom representatives decide organizational moments either prepare forward ceremony. Two days before holiday, bride arranges bachelorette party at home; invites her closest mates.