Nurata Mountains

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The mountain in the central region of republic got its name after a small town in foothills. Although, the mountain is not high, the ridge spreads for long distance from one town to another. Different textured and shaped stones and rocks cover the mountain range, so it is rather difficult to walk through such kind of surface. Some villages thrown in random directions on the mountain slopes and it is not easy to get there travel in Uzbekistan. The nearest city is Samarkand, from which tourists have to go around through other towns, because there are no routs across the mountain.

In addition to this, the range is full of large ground canyons, left by numerous rivers. The largest natural reserve in the country has the same name as the mountain and is a home for rare species of plants, herbs and animals. Snow leopard, brown bear, golden eagle, kumai, lynx and other animals live in this reserve. The place is full of flowers and herbs including:  ash and maple groves, vast grasslands, juniper and others. The slopes are covered with different colorful flowers, especially in spring season.

As the region far from big and manufacturing cities, the mountains ecosystem is environmentally friendly and the nature is well preserved here. That is why this place can become an interesting and perspective ecological tourism route. Although this region is not rich populated, there are some small hotels or guest houses in the villages. Tourists and travelers can stay here and see the great nature or local people’s life, and of course breathe fresh mountain air. Among other advantages is a fact that these villages are not far from historical and architectural sites and tourists attractions.


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