Музейное заведение истории водоснабжения Бухары

Next Bukhara tour stop could be Bukhara water-supply gallery. Exhibition itself is located in mausoleum Chashma Ayuba building. It belongs to oldest buildings, sepulchre had been erected between 1379-1380, corresponding Amir Temur’s orders. Phenomenal depository tells about Bukharo region aqua supplying peculiarities, from tenth till twentieth century.

Many visitors will become surprised, why exhibits. Water-related expositions preserved inside charnel house construction. But it’s not for nothing. Erection situated just atop healing spring place, whitch locals consider also sacred. According  legend, around these places there were droughts during prolonged time. Therefore, people have long begged Almighty for rainwater. God heard their prayers and sent biblical hero Ayube help inhabitants, who hit his crozier upon ground. Right at that ground-point, wellspring poured with purest cool liquid.
The most interesting Bukhara water-dispense chronology storehouse retrospectives are:
Burdyuks made of leather beginning 18th-19th centuries, where aqua-pura was collected;
Copper porcelain, which supplementarily dates back toward eighteenth-nineteenth centenaries;
Same period ceramics water-pipes;

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