Ordering Uzbekistan trips, be sure to ask if packages includes visiting Bukhara museums. Bukara dollies museum located right in conurbation center, not far from square. The place is very cozy, which has collected different maid-dolls kinds, made mainly of papier-mache. Founder’s Iskander Khakimov. This man was able revive almost forgotten art of making conventional native puppets and playthings. He slowly gathered old artifacts, documents, countless photos related to mentioned industry.


Oriental color atmosphere;
Simply over threshold a person gets to fabulous country. Upon endless gallery’s shelves, innumerous walls everyone’ll observe various fairy tales, encounter legends heroes. Moreover, they all have their outfits showing thoughtful details, exquisite decorations:

Ali babe accompanied by forty robbers;
Almauzkampir is kinda Uzbek Baba-Yaga;
Bukhara’s Emir calling guards;
Greedy bay’nd simpleton peasant;
Stargazer’s company & cheerful merchant;
Aladdin holding lamp;
Also numerous eastern beauties.


Extraordinary toys;
Often gallery owner goes out telling his story about producing dummies for public. You’ll learn indisputable fact, obtaining simple paper help, glue’nd cloth-piece can be created genuine masterpiece. At year’s end, audience will see real concert. Where paper-mache dolls’ll come to life in man’s hands, dancing beautiful eastwards dance. Elite Tours International advises many tourists buy omnifarious orientations figurines. Some people point out that they’re like themselves or relatives, friends, co-workers. That’s why they take figures as gifts. Bukhara travel operators will assist you pick up frankly wonderful option.

But don’t think master Khakimov’nd his students’ moppets constantly getting dusted on repository mantelshelves. Manufacturers, along with theirs collection visit diversified exhibitions, national, sometimes even worldwide scale festivals. Arrange performances demonstrating them. Every tourist can acquire doll if he wants, set for sale.