Мемориальный музей Ибн-Сины (Авицены)

Bukhara travel packages, by the way with affordable prices, most often involve a visit to Ibn-Sino Commemorative gallery. Sixty kilometers from Bukhora, there is Afshona settlement. It was herein, that famous healer, remarkable scientist, encyclopedist Ibn Sina had been born. Lived between nine hundred’nd eighty-one thousand and thirty-seven. Known in Europe as Avicena. Consecrative complex had been also erected here in healer’s honor. Exhibitions are dedicated to thinker’s life, invaluable works.

In addition to exhibits, memorializing cenotaph includes Ibn-Sinna monument. Created by sculptor H. Husnitdinkhodzhayev plus architecture field specialist R. Tokhtaganov. Construction date of building’s 1980, which timed toward 1000th legendary scientist’s anniversary. Customers may observe medical instruments copies, that Aviecena worked with.

Explore his noteworthy manuscripts “Therapeutic Science Canon”, “Knowledge Books”, priceless “Monographs of Healing”, perceive ceramics fragments dating back towards tenth century. Repository location: Bukharo region, Afshana village, Peshkun district. On traveling issues contact respectable company Elite Tours International. Same necessary information’s available on our website: https://eastroute.com.