2. Государственный музей прикладного искусства Узбекистана

Any person who decides to buy Uzbekistan tour tickets, quite desirable start acquaintance with this sunny land. Visit the oldest attractions of its capital including Middle Azia. Chronology Museum’s all about it. Traveling approximately one’nd half — two hours will allow visitors plunge headlong into regional atmosphere. See basic country’s development main moments, better understand lifestyle of people living here.

Gallery journey beginning, bearing Lenin’s name, started on July twelve, one thousand eight hundred’nd seventy-six. Thanks several Russian scientists, in love with natural sciences, fascinated by majestic, mysterious eastern region. Decisively contact famous Elite Tours International company concerning any voyage operations.


Exhibition complex interior;
Exposition multiplex consists of four floors, they are as follows:

First’s used organize contemporary creativity demonstration. Second demonstrates unique ancient exhibits: all kinds of antique household products tools. Primitive people’s remains, paintings, coin collections. Most were in circulation from fifth century BC to nineteenth centenary. Also, other artifacts found on state’s territory.

Third includes various domiciliary items from Bukhara emirate, well as Kokand and Khiva khans. Fourth — set aside under 19th-twenty-first centuries mentions. All sorts archival documents, photographs, newspapers, folk Republic sport champions medals. Conquered in multifarious sports, certainly, many others.

In total, historical fund possesses presumably three hundred’n fifty thousands specimens. For their sake it’s worth booking Central Asia travel packages. Besides, taking into account human’s feedback who visiting described institution — no one stayed indifferent