Музе Тамары ханум в Ташкенте

Life history of a famous woman in the country, collection of stage outfits.

Museum located at: Toshkent Street. Tamara-Hanum, 1/41;
Telephone: (99871) 267 86 90;
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., no lunch break;
Rest days: Saturday – Sunday.

Acquiring Tashkent tour tickets, do not forget visit prominent capital’s museums. It is very exciting plus informative. Within city’s central part, between apartment buildings, right behind shopping’n business centers, small gallery hid dedicated to outstanding actress, figure of our republic’s culture – Tomara Honum. Now, place where gallery’s situated, former dancer’s home named after her. It had been inside mentioned house, that hers life’s last years passed.

Singer herself was born in Fergana 1906. For first time, Tamera saw big scene when she aged thirteen years old. Since then, dancing has become her meaning of life. Approximately one thousand nine hundred’n twenty-five Tamora Hannum graduated from theatre school in Moscow. From same period, histrionic’s concert activities begin. Starlet travels with tours toward Europe, promotes theatrical arts development around’er native-country. Leads active correspondence with remarkable cultural figures from all over planet.

At age of thirty, maiden becomes National Philharmonic soloist of Uzbek Socialistic Republic. Thereafter, begins serious folk-dance reformation, especially among Uzbeks people. Across globe, play-actress considered firstly recognized as song & dance’s collector, performing folklore direction of different nations. Prima donna possessed real talent. Literally, reading few moments, young lady would learn traditional ethnicgroup material completely. Unfamiliar to stager, artiste could sing and prance, as if wos begotten there. Traveling, simultaneously holding concerts over miscellaneous states, thespian gathered decent dance-costumes stockpile, which are also on displaying. Visiting art hall, everyone can admire Russian including Uzbiek folk costumes, Slavic’n Asian women dresses. Uzbekistan tour operators say, it’s possible even observe Egyptian attire.

Additionally, worth mentioning that this selfless female wasn’t afraid perform on fronts, sometimes rears throughout Second World War Two. Warfare lasted from 1941 till 1945. Transferred fees for military country’s needs. For such tremendous service in 1943, maid receives rank – Soviet Army’s captain.

Aesthetic engagements progressed until ninety eighties. Dancer died 1991 in Uzbekistan’s capital. Thus, later, past three twelve-month periods, exhibition-hall got opened inward residence wherein she lived. But even during lifetime, initial stagecraft anthologized folks garments compendium became exhibited. In addition, there’s something to discern, repository demonstrated other interesting things related ethnological, encompassing personal nationwide actress-lady:

Rooms interiors, whereabouts impersonator spent most’er epoch;

Extensive photos collections, innumerous recital posters;

Audio recordings, woman’s handwritten poems;

Portraits painted by interstate painters, etc.

Undoubtedly, amazing matron’s creative path isn’t insignificant, for total sixty years. Nowadays, she’s remembered predominantly, as phylogenetic Uzbek-dance symbol. If you aren’t oriented round city, numerous Tashkent travel agencies, will help anyone choose best art-halls to explore.