National Museum of Independence of the country

Regardless of whether you bought the last minute tours to Turkmenistan for exploring the historic heritage or travel to remote corners of the country, you really like inside the Independence Museum. Firstly, all the exhibits are presented in really spacious and well-equipped rooms. Secondly, each room has been decorated individually, which helps to create a unique atmosphere.


Among all kinds of exhibits presented at the Museum of Independence of the country, you can select the thumbnail of the national coat of arms. This document is signed by the first President of the country that approved this option.


On the territory of the park is constantly held various cultural events. Not far from the Turkmenbashi statue is a modern amphitheater, which are national and foreign musicians. Next to this stage is a monument labor „Ruhnama“, the contents of which should be known to every citizen of the country. The height of the monument, which is used at night as a projection wall is 2-storey house. For many delegations here shown documentary films about statehood and the fight for independence.


An additional tourist magnet in Independence Park is a building constructed in the shape of a pyramid, located on 5-coal basis. Here are the retail and office space.


After you check everything in this park, you can walk to the other attractions. Not far from Independence Park is located:

  • National Museum of History and Ethnography;
  • Museum of the Head of Turkmenistan ;
  • A huge flag pole and so on.