National Mall inspiration

The authorities in Ashgabat are constantly working to increase the variety of attractions that make last minute tours to Turkmenistan will enjoy even greater popularity. One of the attractions was the Alley of Inspiration, which opened in mid-2010. Enough to get to the green zone, located between Avenue Tagta and Makhtumkuli.


The architects worked so well on the realization of the initial project, the result turned out to be an excellent complement the surrounding landscape. For example, the mall includes several flower arrangements, artificial ponds and a fountain. Tourists strolling through the numerous footpaths, are able to see dozens of sculptures dedicated to national heroes:

  • Mahmyt Kashgarly ;
  • Myane woman ;
  • Mahmoud Zamakhshari and so forth .


Using unique lighting architects helped to arrange special light accents. All this makes it possible not only to attract tourists, and just many loving couples who want to stroll through the cozy alleys of the park, but also numerous official delegations. Some hotels in Ashgabat offer a variety of cultural activities for vacationers in the territory of the alley.