Kubra Nadzhimetdin Mausoleum

Many followers of Sufism annually visit these places, to visit the home of the founders of the dervish order, received in the name of Islam “kurawyya”. For many believers, this area is truly sacred. Historical evidence suggests that Nadzhimetdin Kubra was brutally murdered by the Mongol invaders. This martyrdom has become one of the foundations of a mausoleum to be ranked list of sacred sites.


After the burial of innocent victims a public figure on his grave was erected a mausoleum, where the journey offers every tour operator in Turkmenistan. The mausoleum can be found in the central part of the ancient necropolis of Kunya Urgench. Opposite the mausoleum is the mausoleum of Sultan Ali.


Religious buildings surround many marvelous legends


Today it is impossible to say with certainty what kind of myths and legends associated with this mausoleum, based on real facts and which is a merely figment of the imagination. For example, one of the legends says that Mohammed II gave the order to kill one of his students. The basis for this decision was a false accusation. Holy Kubra, whose pupil was so wrongly deprived of life, so angry that sent down a terrible curse on the city.


Transition words from verbal to actual plane do not have to wait long. Once a powerful and invincible state in a matter of months fell under the onslaught of the Mongols. The legend also mentions that he Kubra and his 360 disciples came to defend the city from invaders, but they all died in an unequal battle. In place of the heroic death of the saint is a cemetery. It is estimated that close to the tomb of the saint is the grave of his beloved disciple.


The architectural features of the complex


After extensive renovations, which ended at the end of the last century, the mausoleum was a modern appearance. At the same time the architect was able to preserve the ancient flavor of the place:

  • Four spacious dome rooms;
  • Entrance Hall;
  • Several rooms for meetings;
  • Decorated room, where is the tomb of the saint;
  • Memorial obelisk.


About half a century ago, there was a sudden partial collapse of the dome, fragments which partially damaged the obelisk. Despite all this, the last minute tours to Turkmenistan, including the mandatory visit to this mausoleum, do not lose their popularity.