Musical arts

One of the favorite tools of folk musicians is dombra – because it was always possible to produce and in conditions of nomadic life. This dombra is known for its gentle, melodious and soft velvet sonority. As a rule, dombra sounds were the stories and legends about the origin and content of kui.  The Kazakh musical creativity the main place takes akyns – one of the traditional forms of folk poetry, or song competition akyns (improvisers of poets). In akyns raises important questions of society, by itself it is quite dynamic and requires high improvisatory skills. Many akyns accompany their poetic competitions playing the lute or kobyz.


On the territory of the country regularly hosts festivals such as: Tradition Award, Voice of Asia, Eurasia and Shaken Stars. In addition, the country has put a huge amount of annual performances, the premiere of which are sold out.