Yodgorlik factory in Margilan

Yogorhlik silk factory was established in Margilan after the city of Bukhara ceased to be the center of silk production, passing the laurels to the city of Margilan. Here you can not only buy exclusive silk fabrics, made with traditional secrets with great love, but also personally see how the silk fabric is created.

Masters working in the factory also use the experience acquired in other countries in production, for example, four workers were specially sent to India in order to understand the secret of the production of natural dyes for silk and semi-silk materials. At the factory you can trace the entire path of manual fabric creation – from silk cocoons to ready-made matter. Also, visitors are introduced to the production of cotton fabrics – khan-atlas, adras, shoyi (shohi), bekasama, jujunchi and others.

The factory has a carpet and winding workshop – the place where silk threads are made, the shop where the basis for all fabrics is produced. Guests of the factory have a unique opportunity to see how 85 weavers work at looms with a speed similar to automatically adjusted work.

It is noteworthy, but the greater part – an average of 60% – is produced by women. In their hands there are real masterpieces, thread for thread weaving in unsurpassed lightness and beauty of woven products. For only one month in the experienced hands of skilled workers and craftsmen there are over 6 thousand meters of fabric, most of which is made up of silk products. But even one kind of fabric, for example, the royal silk khan-atlas, is divided into many subspecies – in this role plays not only the color of the fabric, but the very mode of production.

The factory is in partnership with a number of foreign countries, which attracts to its territory a large number of tourist groups.