Exhibition of 3D-pictures

A tour to Uzbekistan, it is primarily a trip to different ancient cities. Where you can experience all the power of antiquity. And an unusual mixture of antiquity and modernity will give you a tour to Tashkent, where you have the opportunity to digress from everyday life and plunge into the world of another reality. To feel like a hero of another life, another story. And the most interesting is to capture your journey for a long memory, and just share it with your friends. And not only historical places will help, but also an exhibition of 3-D paintings by Dmitry Kim.

So far, there are 32 paintings in the room, like a bit. But think, 32 realities, 32 episodes from different stories and all in one hall along Tarakkiet street, not far from the metro station Mashinosozlar. Anyone can visit this world of art from 11 am to 9 pm. One condition – when you enter the hall, take off your shoes. Why bring the dust of the outside world to other worlds, where are we only guests? And most remarkable, the pictures will be replenished.

What is special about the Z-D exhibition? You can completely immerse yourself in another world, because from now on you are not an outside observer, but a traveler who travels straight through the pictures. The actor who plays his star role. You will make an incredible trip to the world of antiquity and fairy tales. Well, or simply, talk to the cat. In any case, only you decide what will be your trip to another world. You will be positive or negative. Lose in a fight with a dinosaur, or heat it with something like a frying pan. It’s up to you. You write the script of your movie, where you are the main character. And you can be helped in this by nothing more than the scenery of 3-D exhibitions, which were created specifically by Russian designers, but they were realized by the organizers themselves.

When you get tired of everyday problems, from the view from behind the window, when you want to be distracted from all affairs, the doors of the Exhibition Hall are always open to you. After all, they work without days off. So go ahead, conquer new worlds.