Like many years ago, today the ceramics of the city of Rishtan, which is located in the beautiful Fergana Valley, is painted by hand. The city itself is the oldest center of ceramic craft, with its unique and unique technology. A special feature is not only the creation of forms, but also the color scale, which strikes with its depth and naturalness of color.

Rishtan clay products are created in the following version: on the milky-white main background the painting is executed in different directions, executed in turquoise, brown and dark blue tones. From the ash of plants, craftsmen make famous Ishkor glaze, when applying any clay product acquires a unique soft glow.

The painting on ceramic products amazes with its versatility – applied by the hands of masters, it conveys all the richness of this unique land – the branches of trees and flowers look like living, fruits beckon with their juiciness and ripeness, household utensils seem separate works of art. In each figure, not only the completeness of the created forms is transferred, but also the love with which the craftsman and the masters put a fine brush in every line of spirituality and life.

Master Rustam Usmanov devoted many years to the study of the art of ceramics, using old books and studying museum collections. His works occupied a separate place in the applied arts of Uzbekistan. Willpower and love for their work helped to convey knowledge to the disciple of Rustam – nephew Elnur Murzakaev, who very quickly became a creator who was creatively independent. With the same willingness to absorb the craft of the father and the children of Rustam – their work can be easily distinguished from others – they are filled with childlike sincerity and a completely different vision of everything beautiful.

The family of Usmanov has its own museum, in which they keep the creative masterpieces so dear to the heart, known throughout the Uzbek land.