Quest Room UniQuest

Quests, according to the news of Tashkent, are one of the most popular entertainments, which can be safely entered into the plan of their tour of Uzbekistan. Moreover, there are so many of them. For example, UniQuest is a whole project in which everything, from the chair to the complex mechanism, was collected manually. The team itself created a whole world for guests. Today there are two locations here – “Survive” and “Mummy”. But very soon the quest “F.E.A.R.” will be available.

You can choose one of several options with a few friends, but if you are many, then let everyone decide the question of his quest: someone is rescued from the pyramid, and someone is trying to just survive. True, if children are allowed into the pyramids, then in other locations it is impossible. Although the children in the quest are very useful. After all, their minds are not clouded yet with patterns, and they can notice things that are beyond our control.

So, you are determined to conquer the heights of logic, and to prove that with your thinking you would save the world. Well, UniQuest throws you a call. In assistants, you can take a maximum of 4 people. True, in the quest for survival, with yourself you can take only three. It is better to dress so that the movements turn out to be easy, nothing clings, does not fail, and you can escape. Running is the second quality that you need. That’s why it’s better to be with a fresh head, so as not to fall into the unknown.

An important requirement of the game – do not touch the technical zones. Do not shoot everything on the camera. What is in the quest must remain in the quest. Only the initiates know what is really going on there. Do you want to become one of them? Come to Kadyshev. From here opens a portal to the world of Egypt, or even to the world of another reality, where the Apocalypse has already occurred. What will you do when you go through the portal? Do you have the strength and ingenuity to get out of here alive and not get lost in time? To at home calmly, with a cup of tea, tell your relatives about a strange journey.